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Local Hospitality

When you come to Westport try these local businesses with whom I work:

Ernie’s Market will add a free cookie to any trail lunch you order for one of my trips.  Wear an Ernie’s Market t-shirt on one of my trips to receive $10 off.

DaCy Meadow Farm will give you a 10% discount on a farm-to-table meal.  Check out their fantastic brunch!

The Depot Theatre  I am providing outdoor hospitality by leading a day hike for each cast that’s in town.  A day in the forest followed by a dinner and a show–great combination.

Westport Hotel and Tavern What a spot! Jim and Jayne Vance have brought this place to life.  Also check out their Westport Lakeside Motel.

Westport Marina and Galley Restaurant  Good food, a good view and a big dock.  Arrive by foot or by boat.  Dinner at the Galley followed by a concert in Ballard Park is a great summer evening.

Many other friendly businesses via

Westport Chamber of Commerce and and

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