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5 Sparks! 2013

Boquet Ledges

Taking the small fry up for some mountain swimming tomorrow.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Just below the lighthouse you get a nice view through the split at the end of the point. Great paddling destination from Whallon’s Bay.

Split Rock

Check out what’s going on

Lots of great summer activities in the area.  Keep up with the events in the Lake Champlain region.

Summer flowers

The white flowers of early June have given way to the pink ones.  This thimbleberry caught my attention this morning.  The petals look like tissue paper.


Coon Mountain, May 3

Early Saxifrage

Early Saxifrage

Lots of spring outings coming up.  Check the Events page.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday my daughter and I spent hiking in Zion National Park.  Zion was as majestic as we imagined.  It was nice to see paintbrushes for the first time in years. No spring wildflowers here yet so we didn’t miss anything at home.

Nayeli on the Watchman trail

Nayeli on the Watchman trail

It was a great winter.

Thanks to everyone who joined me this winter.  Come back soon. There will be wildflowers.

Nice day on trail.

Nice day on trail.

We live in a beautiful world

Moon over my home on Christmas Eve

Moon over my home on Christmas Eve

Best wishes to everyone for an adventurous but safe 2013.  It doesn’t take more than a step outside the door to appreciate simple sights.  Many of the prettiest things in life take place every day.

Thanksgiving all year long

This has been a great year. Thanks to so many clients, teachers, students and friends of all ages. I am spending this month working on proposals and schedules for 2013.  Check the schedule of upcoming events and outdoor teaching for what’s in store.Image

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