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Play as you learn. Learn as you play.

Wet rocks

Kids are really agile but good footwear is important.  Rock faces and tree roots are slick.  Save the smooth rubber soles for camp. Plain-old sneakers with treads will do if you don’t have boots with ankle support.

Rock faces are slippery!

Rock faces are slippery!

New bear sign

Bear sign

The bears are moving around as the beech nuts and acorns mature.  I’ve seen a number of trees with evidence of recent climbing.

Moonrise and the Upper Lake

Sage's Folly

Just back from three great days with the crew from Charleston, SC.  Nice hike up and over Sage’s Folly.

5 Sparks! 2013

Boquet Ledges

Taking the small fry up for some mountain swimming tomorrow.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Just below the lighthouse you get a nice view through the split at the end of the point. Great paddling destination from Whallon’s Bay.

Split Rock

Check out what’s going on

Lots of great summer activities in the area.  Keep up with the events in the Lake Champlain region.

Summer flowers

The white flowers of early June have given way to the pink ones.  This thimbleberry caught my attention this morning.  The petals look like tissue paper.